The Cyberstep project is a collaboration of experienced adult education developers, analysts and educators. Each partner has the principal responsibility for one or more products. However, the partners often collaborate in the development and evaluation process.

Sacramento County Office of Education

Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is responsible for creating one set of products as well as development tools to be used by all of the partners. SCOE is the developer and operator of the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN), the nation’s premier online resource for adult education materials. OTAN has led in the creation of a variety of online instructional resources, including a unique partnership with the Cable News Network (CNN) to create learning resources online using CNN news stories.

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has the largest enrollment of non- and limited-English speaking students in the country. Because of the lack of affordable, quality commercial products for ABE and ESL students, they are also one of the largest developers of instructional course materials for teaching English-as-a-Second Language and adult basic education, including print, video and multimedia products.

Adult Literacy Media Alliance

Adult Literacy Media Alliance (ALMA), a project of the Education Development Center (EDC), is producing a 26 episode national television series for adults with low to moderate literacy levels. The curriculum takes a problem-solving, life skills approach to literacy challenges, and involves such activities as filling out applications, communicating with children’s schools, creating a budget, evaluating the claims of advertisers, and using a dictionary. ALMA will create a Web site and enhanced WebTV site based on the television series.

Aguirre International

Aguirre International (AI), a multidisciplinary research and management consulting firm with extensive experience in adult education research and minority populations will provide formative evaluation support to Cyberstep. In addition to its work with product designers in testing early prototypes of Cyberstep materials, Aguirre International will be actively involved in developing the conceptual framework for learner assessment and learning management.